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I combine Feng Shui principles with real estate…

Hello, My Name Is Jaime Bonk…

Follow your bliss” are words to live by.  This brings passion to everything I do in all areas of life.  I absolutely love the people I work with and listen carefully to their needs to best see where I can be a benefit to them and find solutions.

Marketing properties in a beautiful way is something I love to do.  Every picture must look like art!

A voracious reader, I continually seek to learn more in order to be more effective at relating to clients and living my best possible life.  I’ve read about 600 books, taken many personal development courses and continue to do so.

I find it fascinating that someone like Albert Einstein used the word “EVERYTHING” to describe two things;


He said, “Imagination is EVERYTHING“.  He also said, “EVERYTHING is energy“.   I’ve studied compass style Feng Shui for many years, ( I offer to those clients who are interested).  There are ways to raise the energy in a home that are measurable.

Living in a high energy home is beneficial to all areas of life, as whatever you do to your home you do to yourself.  The outer world a reflection of the inner, our homes are the vision board of our lives.  You can change your environment and feel the effects in your life.  Rather than needing to go to a high mountaintop temple, your home becomes this sacred high energy space for rejuvenation.  Changing the outer world to reflect your dreams changes the inner state of being.  Raising the energy of your home to a higher frequency raises your personal vibration, and, in life, like attracts like.

Higher Energy + Imagination = Higher Results

I help my clients consider these energy principles when selling their home and looking to purchase a new one.

Feel free to contact me to list your home in a luxury way, I list homes in a fabulous way at ALL price points.  I can help you find the perfect home, wait for the “click”!  My contact details below.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

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